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Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions can be found below.
  • Why is the bot not responding?

      More than likely its because we are rebooting for an update or increasing the performance of our servers. If the bot is offline for more than 10 minutes join our support server and see if there's any announcements.

  • How do I use monkee?

      To begin using Monkee inviting the bot to your server here. Once you have invited the bot, you can get started with it by using the /help command. (If the slash commands don't appear, make sure that you have the permission to use application commands )

  • How can I protect my server with Monkee?

      Monkee has a variety of different method to help you protect the members in your server. First of all, we have Automod which you can use to automatically punish users who are sending banned words or banned links. To setup Automod visit the Dashboard
      You can also use the Server verification feature which forces new users to prove they are human by completing a captcha. To configure this feature go to your server and type /checklist

  • I found a bug, what should I do?

      If you found a bug with Monkee, or are having difficulties setting up the bot you can join our support server here

  • Couldn't find an answer to your questions?

      Feel free to ask whatever you may need in our support server here